Donnie Darko (2001) - dir. Richard Kelly

A cult classic that appeals more to young adults than it does to adults. All you have to do is look at Kelly’s filmography to understand this film is a fluke. Beth Grant, Patrick Swayze, and the Gyllenhaals all deliver great performances. Jake Gyllenhaal’s naturally reserved demeanor allows his character to feel real. Some of the concepts Kelly puts forth are juvenile, or just ideas - not yet thought out. But it centers around a high school student who is… not right in the head. So the naivety of Kelly’s philosophical intentions aids the film greatly.

The character of Frank is an incredibly pungent one. This is not a film easily forgettable. It has a cult following… for now. By the time we’ve reached 2020 I’d be surprised if a new generation of filmgoers latched onto this film. Very surprised. For what it is, it’s good, but the entertainment value decreases every year.