Film Revues

End of Watch (2012) - dir. David Ayer

Twenty minutes into this film I was done with it. I wanted to leave. The handheld fly-on-the-wall schtick is played out, tired, old, what have you… but I paid to go see this so I stayed. And I’m glad I did. Ayer’s screenplay is damn near flawless, the thrills were there, the laughs were there and Michael Pena & Jake Gyllenhaal played off of each other beautifully. The film was edgy enough to get its point across, but the violence went overboard in the correct way.

The different cameras were confusing… not at certain points, at all points. It was like they made a commitment and refused, by all means necessary, to stick to it. But overall it just… worked, somehow. Anna Kendrick was flawless as usual, and Cle Sloan was great in his bit role. Overall the acting performances, tightness of the script and onscreen chemistry won out over the handheld madness, cheesy Latino gang and a frustrating opening.