Film Revues

The Warriors (1979) - dir. Walter Hill

I think that this cult classic’s biggest flaw is its sheer mediocrity. If it were worse, more people would love it. If it were better, more people would remember it. Sure, it’s got a sizable following… but think of how cool the film is! It should be on every hipster’s movie shelf out there… but it’s not. And that’s because it’s not terrible.

It’s a film that’s more fun to look back on and remember than it is to watch. Not for lack of crappy editing, tongue-in-cheek misogyny, and excellent wardrobes, the film’s just not as much fun as it thinks it is. Thankfully, however, it’s incredibly entertaining the first time around, and every year more and more people are listening to Wu-Tang… so more and more people are watching the Warriors.