A Knight’s Tale (2001) - dir. Brian Helgeland

Far from a household name, Helgeland is, however, an Oscar-winner (he wrote L.A. Confidential with Curtis Hanson) - and he certainly knows how to make films. Enter Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossamon - two young, beautiful, talented people who joined to project for one purpose and one purpose only: to have some fucking fun. A Knight’s Tale is a really bad film… but it’s also a very good film for a number of reasons.

It’s the classic adventure tale, complete with hysterical side characters (Mark Addy is brilliant), a lovable bad-boy hero (Ledger), a gorgeous love interest (Sossamon remains one of my hotties of the naughties [00s]) and an obvious villain (Rufus Sewell) in which the audience can actively participate in rooting against. It’s not going to wow any avid filmgoers - and nor should it. But A Knight’s Tale is exactly what it set out to be and doesn’t fall a single laugh short.