Film Revues

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - dir. David Lean

Forget the Fall, forget the Tree of LifeThere Will Be Blood, Manhattan or any other film that tickles your visual fancy… because David Lean and director of photography F.A. Young did it better, and they did over half a century ago. Lawrence of Arabia is an epic by every definition - but it is also the most astoundingly beautiful film you’ll ever see. It’s an incredible feat.

The film itself… suffers from being far too much of a great thing. I love movies. But something rubs me wrong about a film that clocks in at well over three hours. There’s nothing wrong with Lawrence of Arabia - it’s got everything you could possible want in a film (and it should what with all that time) but when it all boils down the film is not exciting enough to demand repeat viewings. It is, however, an artistic triumph like no other.