Film Revues

Upstream Color (2013) - dir. Shane Carruth

If Terrence Malick and Carl Sagan had some sort of weird, filmic, sex-child… it just might be Upstream Color. Gorgeous cinematography, and a deep, almost unsettling desire to be unspeakably profound comprise the entire makeup of Carruth’s second brain-child.

After the exponential success of 2004’s Primer, Carruth came through and delivered a much more polished product, without compromising any of his own artistic or intellectual integrity. The film, however, must still be treated as a film and not some sort of slanted lecture from a position of academia… there’s a huge lack of prestidigitation, it’s all so cold and aloof. There’s imagination out the wazoo… but not a single ledge to grasp onto. It’s a boring film, not unlike his first; a beautiful, polished, hunk of shit, with an instagram filter and a couple scientific degrees.