Film Revues

Gravity (2013) - dir. Alfonso Cuaron

Cinematic perfection is a feat achieved so rarely that its a wonder a man like Cuaron can continue to make films that are nothing short of breathtakingly terrific. Gravity is a cinematic achievement, nothing less. The 3D is astounding and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki has never been better (including Malick’s Tree of Life). The two leads, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, are both superb - though Clooney’s character is far more interesting, so he seems better. What’s most impressive about the film?

You believe it, and, not only that, you believe in it. There’s such honesty and meticulousness paid both to science and moviemaking. It’s farfetched, sure, but so is every other great science fiction film. If I were to get nitpicky (as I have a tendency to do) the only person that didn’t bring their “A” game was Steven Price. The score was borderline brilliant… but the rest of the film was flawless so it still stands out like a sore thumb. Bravo.