Film Revues

In a World… (2013) - dir. Lake Bell

Winner of the 2013 Sundance Best Original Screenplay Award - and for damn good reason. All the tricks of the trade are on full display in a well-polished debut feature. Lake Bell stars as Carol Solomon, a wannabe voice-over artist who can’t break into the male dominated market. With a mix-mosh of Hollywood types and stand-up comedians, Bell does a terrific job of nailing her characters home with the cast.

In particular, Michaela Watkins shines as Dani, Carol’s older sister. The supporting story she supplies is positively lovely, especially from a writer’s standpoint. The device that drives her and her husband Moe (Rob Corddry) apart is the same that brings them back together. It’s genius. The film is all-too predictable and may not really hammer in any deeper meaning or stay with you for a long time, but while its on, Bell commands your attention. Going to keep a watchful eye on her.