Mystic River (2003) - dir. Clint Eastwood

Dennis Lehane’s novel is a dark piece of pulp. It only goes so deep, limiting its own parameters in a shark tank, with a height, length, and depth. Brian Helgeland’s apatation explores all of the tank’s parameters. What all this metaphorical mumbo-jumbo means is this: the film is as good as it could have been. The acting is superb, especially Marcia Gay Harden and Laura Linney, the film’s two female characters.

Clint Eastwood’s directing style may actually hinder the film, it never feels like anything other than a story being told. The big emotional ending is more of a relief than a reveal. That’s not to say it’s not a good ending, it is, but after dredging through Tom Stern’s cloudy cinematography for over two hours, it really didn’t matter how the film ended. Essentially, it’s a frustrating film, because it’s flaws are not mistakes, only flaws.