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Stop Making Sense (1984) - dir. Jonathan Demme

Often hailed as the “greatest concert film of all time”, Jonathan Demme and David Byrne’s Stop Making Sense is a must-see for three groups of people.

First and foremost - fan-service. If you already like the Talking Heads, even if only a little bit, this is for you.

Second - 80s enthusiasts - this includes audiophiles and cinephiles alike.

And lastly, Demme’s balance of camerawork that is both intimate and removed, subjective and objective, alluring and repulsive. Byrne is clearly a musical genius, and Demme would late go on to prove himself as a narrative filmmaker, so the final group of people would be aspiring filmmakers.

If you like the Talking Heads, the 80s, and film - then this is a non-negotiable must-see.